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The cultural magazine Kaltio from Oulu in the Northern Finland - or Central, as we see it - is the only independently published Finnish magazine outside the Helsinki area to have been issued regularly for over 60 years. The 60th Anniversary celebrations took place on April 20th, 2005.

European-ness, to the magazine, means also Northern Finnishness, Samishness, Barents area multiculturality. Arriving from a place roughly one hundred miles below the Arctic Circle, Kaltio adds a peripheral voice (or, more provokingly, noise) to the chorus of global cultural debate.

For Kaltio, 'culture' signifies not only that section of human activity which comes usually with a tag 'Art' attached to its forehead, but rather all and any enterprise our dear humanity engages in. Thus in a cultural magazine we can - nay, must - write about ski-hunting bear, melting of the polar ice caps, witches, children's rhymeplay clubs, reindeer economy, text messages, peace movement, nuclear armament... and, of course, also all that we talk about when we talk about 'Art'.

Being a small magazine with not much resources, we can only offer a small slice of our output in translation to our non-Finnish readers' delight. On the right, blue-shaded, You can see a list of articles, each headed with the issue number where it has been originally published. The archives (in Finnish) which include more articles from the magazine and the full contents pages can be reached by pressing HERE.

The articles have been translated by Anniina Vuori with the supervision of Paavo J. Heinonen.

The history of Kaltio, as far as we know, is not available in English. A very brief version, however, is available - click the link on the right or just press HERE.

We are open to any suggestions on the contents of the site. Any comments or criticism should be sent to the address toimitus(a) (just replace the (a) with a @). More contact information can be found on a personnel page HERE.

Assorted Cover Art



KALTIO  3/2005


KALTIO  1/2003


KALTIO  2/2001


KALTIO 4/2004: Wolfgang Becker, Goodbye Lenin!
KALTIO 4/2004: Marlen Khutsiev (Khutsiyev) - Freedom, Love and Soviet Union. I Am Twenty.
KALTIO 3/2004: Maria Suutala, There's Only Nature
KALTIO 3/2004: Education - the Strongest Samurai Weapon
KALTIO 2/2004: Kristian Smeds - Without Compromising!
KALTIO 1/2004: Northern Goths
KALTIO 6/2003: Marcos López - Password!
KALTIO 5/2003: Inna Kazakova
KALTIO 3/2003: Santtu Karhu - the Bear's Revenge
KALTIO 3/2003: Jirí David
KALTIO 2/2003: Animal Rights in the Third Reich. Aslak Aikio
KALTIO 1/2003: The Screaming Men in a Church, Petri Sirviö talks about otherness
KALTIO 1/2003: Mikael Niemi, The Spirits and Trance in the Lives of Jante and Knapsu Today. Popular Music from Vittula
KALTIO 5/2002: Dead on Arrival - Do Feminist Detective Stories Exist? Nina Työlahti
KALTIO 5/2001: Soile Isokoski - From the Ruukki riverview to the rush of metropolises
KALTIO 2/2001: Elina Brotherus: The Temptation of Melancholy - Elina Heikka
KALTIO 6/2000: Kalle Päätalo and a Twice-Lived Life
KALTIO 4/2000: The Mole Man's Retirement. Zdenêk Miler
KALTIO 1/2000: Juha K. Tapio - Frankenstein and his Monster